Reverend Wright must be pissed

What if a friend told you, he doesn't remember a secret you were holding for 20 years? What if your neighbor of 20 years would have told you, that he never heard you complaining about his car parked in front of your driveway, even though you had complained to him at least once or twice a month?

Is it really possible?

We saw in Casey's post "Thou shalt destroy the white enemy ", how much Wright's teachings are based on James Cone's Black Liberation Theology.

Here you have Barack Obama sitting in a church, a Harvard law graduate, a smart cookie and he didn't get anything Wright said for 20 years. Nothing about Black Liberation Theology, nothing "controversial".

Did Obama snooze during church service, or was he busy thinking about his career?

What would a teacher say, if he teaches a student for 20 years (1-2 a month), if the student would not remember anything? He would probably fail the student.

What would you wife say, if her husband tells her he has never known that she has a weight problem, even though she mentioned it once or twice a month for 20 years? She would probably thinking about leaving him.

What would your boss say, if an employee attends once or two meetings a month for 20 years, but says afterward that he doesn't remember anything about them? He would probably not be employed for 20 years.

Obama called Wright not just his spiritual mentor, but also a friend.

So what if you tell a friend that you never have been listening to what he had to say for twenty years? Do you think that is possible? How can you have a conversation with a "friend", if he obviously never knows what you are talking about, because he didn't listen to anything you said.

And how did Obama make it through Harvard studying law?

It just doesn't seem that Obama needs more than 1-2 reminders about things of importance in order for him to remember. But in case he does, here is the first reminder:

Barack, if you don't listen to anything your friends, your spiritual mentors, your colleagues, all Americans, your kids and your wife have to say, at least be smart enough to not to go public with it!

Comments :

Blueskyboris said...

Perhaps Reverand Wright is not like a right-winger who raises his or her children like cattle. Perhaps Wright is an individualist who understands that Obama may disagree with his positions. Unfortunately, this kind of reality is very hard for right wingers to understand, because they are communists in the sense that their leaders and followers are all suppose to think the same. They are part of a flock of God fearing or constition worhshipping sheeple. There is a lot of lip-service about individualism from the right, but when it comes right down to it, they are more or less akin to the most sterotypical ants marching to and fro for their Queens.