Mitch McConnell will again set the Left spending agenda right

Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, won the fierce battle for his senate seat. Many say that he will have the most crucial job for Conservatives in the Obama administration

Harry Reid would have loved to see Mitch McConnell go. McConnell is a big challenge for Reid's liberal agenda and that is what we really need right now.

Chris Wallace said on FoxNews Studio B, that McConnell is a "master of parlamentary maneuvering", in that he understand which battles to fight and which to let go.

FoxNews reports in McConnell expects to keep Senate leadership post:

"McConnell also pledged his cooperation for speedy confirmation of President-elect Obama's Cabinet choices _ as long as Obama offers "qualified candidates." says in McConnell: The most powerful Republican

"In his victory speech Tuesday night, McConnell would say only that “the time to legislate will come,” and he asserted that his party’s priorities would be energy independence, lower spending and strong national security."

But McConnell already hears criticism from his own party:

"Yet McConnell is already being challenged from the right. Moments after Obama was declared the victor, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a fiery conservative, declared, “Our party must start today to admit our mistakes, fight for our convictions and encourage new conservatives to run for office.”

McConnell is a clear strong arm in terms of fiscal conservatism, but he usually does not feel that comfortable in the realm of social conservative issues.

Maybe that's not enough for many republicans, but right now the possible spending sprees on the left might be considered the most important issue. And I say this even though social conservative issues are very important to me personally.

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