Congratulations Mr. President-Elect

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Congratulations Mr. President. I hope you lead our nation as strongly and as disciplined as you campaigned. And for the sake of the country (and your job security) I hope you are wise enough to lead from the center, and not from the left. You have an unprecedented amount of political capital, along with the hand of history on your shoulder. It would be a travesty for you to forsake that by giving in to the truly radical and dangerous elements of your party.

We are all Americans and the people have clearly spoken and have chosen you as President of the United States of America. Unlike those of your own party have shown, you will find that most conservatives understand authority and have immense respect the Highest Office in the world.

We’ll support you as our leader. We’ll back you when you are right. We’ll encourage you to hear our side and decide justly. We will challenge you when you are wrong. We’ll confront you if you ignore the basic principles of our nation and society. And we will most definitely run against you in 2012.

Thank you for reminding millions everywhere that America truly is remarkable place. I’m glad I was around to witness it for myself. How jealous those will be who have to settle reading about it 30 years from now.

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