GOP walk away licking their wounds. Where now?

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Dem victory is part of the Bush legacy Thanks to two unfinished wars and an economic meltdown, Bush’s legacy is the historic landslide election of an inexperienced Barack Obama and a liberal-led Democratic Congress determined to undo every shred of the last eight years.

Bush leaves his own party defeated and demoralized. Not since Jimmy Carter’s election in 1976 have Dems enjoyed such a smashing victory. Bush’s impact on the GOP was nearly as bad as Richard Nixon’s was after Watergate.

Republicans take another hit in the House Democrats are on pace to gain about 20 seats in the House of Representatives, handing Nancy Pelosi the most commanding majority of any Democratic speaker in a generation — and providing President-elect Barack Obama a secure launching pad for his legislative agenda.

With about two-thirds of House races decided, Democrats are poised to increase their edge over the House’s demoralized and shrinking GOP minority to about 70 votes.

If trends hold, that would give the party its greatest majority since the early ‘90s — a lead so large even a 2010 GOP tidal wave comparable to the party’s 1994 54-seat gain wouldn’t be enough to take back control of the House.

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Democrats Widen Senate Edge to Solid Majority Democrats expanded their slim control of the Senate to a solid majority on Tuesday when they picked up at least five seats, ousting Republican incumbents in New Hampshire and North Carolina and capturing seats in Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico left vacant by Republican retirements.

The Democrats appeared to fall short of the 60-vote majority that would enable them to push bills to a vote by overcoming filibusters.

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Democrats hold control of Senate, House On the same night their leader was elected president, the Democrats won enough seats to maintain control of the U.S. Senate, although it seemed doubtful they would garner a filibuster-proof 60 seats.

Barack Obama handily defeated his rival John McCain to be elected the first black president of the United States.

With 27 of 35 Senate races called Tuesday night, Democrats were guaranteed at least a 56-44 advantage, including two holdover independents who vote with Democrats.

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