Barack Obama: No Sudden lurges to the Left?

Many pundits expect elected President Obama to be way more centrist than his previous voting record might suggest.

Why is that?

Because he still needs the support of his constituents and he has to prove that he is a thoughtful leader. If he is smart (and I believe he proofed that) and he wants to have a long lasting political career (I think he shows that ambition too) he needs to think long term.

Time Magazine writes in "Will a Black President Really Heal the Racial Divide?":

"As Barack Hussein Obama places his brown hand on that black Bible and takes his oath, it will not make him merely the President of blacks who admire him nor leave him indebted to whites who assisted him. He cannot acquiesce to the liberals who support him nor vilify the conservatives who don't. He must remain a philosophical centrist who garners our best and brightest from both sides of the aisle. He must transcend all of that and rise to the global perspective of his calling and through it serve his God, his country and the rainbow coalition of the people of this great nation. We can hope he can re-establish the international respect we have lost and gradually convince the watching, waiting world that a change for us is good for them."

Obama said himself on the campaign trail that many of his fellow democrats who are moederate "will not going to want some sudden lurges to the left" and "I don't think we are going to have time to engage in a bunch of crazy things.." showing that he himself does present himself way more centrist than previously suggested.

Obama's record on flipping on some issues especially after the primary season: NAFTA, Iraq withdrawal strategy, dealing with Russia etc. is also a lot more centrist than his original positions.

So the question is just will he remain pragmatic on the issues and do what is the best for all Americans or will he be swept away by his own ideologies and idealogues around him?

The Alien Patriot

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Blueskyboris said...

One great thing about Obama: He is not going to get swept away by ideologues on the far right. And THAT's why most of the Americans who voted for him voted for him. :)