Obama Less Popular Than Bush??

The table below shows that suddenly President Obama is less popular than President Bush was at this point eight years ago.

From The Marston Chronicles

A Historical Perspective
Bush Approval Obama Approval
Poll Date Approve Disapprove Unsure Poll Date Approve Disapprove Unsure
7/19-22/01 56 33 11 7/17-19/09 55 41 4
5/18-20/01 56 36 8 5/29-31/09 61 34 5
4/6-8/01 59 30 11 4/6-9/09 64 29 7
3/26-28/01 53 29 18 3/27-29/09 64 30 6
3/5-7/01 63 22 15 3/5-8/09 65 28 7
2/19-21/09 62 21 17 2/20-22/09 62 29 9
2/9-11/09 57 25 18 2/9-12/09 63 26 11
2/1-4/09 57 25 18 1/30-2/1/09 64 25 11
Source: USA Today/Gallup Source: USA Today/Gallup

In my 45 years of experience in politics as an elected official and a campaign manager, I have never seen such a precipitous fall in popularity for a President. Sure presidents have gotten themselves in deep trouble before but not in the space of a few weeks. Obama pushing for nationwide health care has to be the major cause of this sudden decline. People are also starting to put their economic problems on this President's doorsteps and no are no longer blaming Bush.

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5 comments to “Obama Less Popular Than Bush??”
Anonymous said...

There are many rumors going around that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

Does anybody know if Glenn Beck has denied these claims?

Please, I need to get this clarified.

Anonymous said...

Bush is going down in history as the worst president of U.S.A. He is the real liar: Iraq War, Weapons of Mass Destruction, U.S. Economy is strong, Tax Cuts (the rich only), Outing of CIA Valerie Plame, Katrina, Torture, Domestic Spy Program, Terror Alerts, List goes on. Yet you hate Obama because he actually cares for us the American People. I know why you hate... God will judge you all.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a 1% drop in approval compared to Bush for the month of July. If you want to pick and choose a statistic about Bush and Obama. Why not average out the total approval rating for the first 8 months. That would mean President Obama's overall average approval rating for 8 months is 62%while President Bush's is 58%.

gemimail said...

The whole point of the article was that Obama's approval has dropped so far since the inauguration that he is now less popular than Bush (before 9/11) and that is totally unbelievable given how close the 2000 election was. Of course, Obama was more popular than Bush on the average over the first eight months.

gemimail said...

While I do not usually bother to answer leftist trolls, I will about Bush lying. Even if everything you said about Bush is true (and it is not), Obama can hardly get a sentence out without lying through his teeth.