Democrats Throw Catholics Under the Bus

From The Marston Chronicles

Catholics in general and Roman Catholics in particular present a study in contrast in politics. Most of them are social liberals in that they are vehement in their support of so-called safety net. They are very sympathetic towards the poor and the downtrodden. Since that category tends to have a high percentage of minorities, they are also very emphatic in their support of civil rights. This makes a lot of such Catholics in America Democrats because they see Republicans as skinflints who are not sympathetic to these groups. Republicans help this view along by short changing funding for challenged individuals in just about every state that they control.

Where Catholics depart from liberal ideology is on the issue of the sanctity of human life. Liberals are somewhat inconsistent on this subject in that they are opposed to the death penalty but generally do not have a problem with exercising the death penalty on not only an unborn fetus but even one that is half born. To put it mildly, Catholics see this inconsistency very plainly. This is one issue which can cause a Catholic to vote Republican. Another one is the issue of gay marriage. Perhaps the Democrats should take another look at what happened with Proposition 8 in California. There is a limit to how much of the far left agenda they can foist off on the American public.

A case can be made that because of the Catholic sympathy for minorities, Obama would not be President without the support of Catholics. In the key marginal states, they voted for a black man over a white one to make clear that America is not a racist country any more. They did this in spite of serious reservations about Obama's position on the sanctity of human life and the known tendency of the Democrat Party to be vehemently pro-choice. So how have the Catholics been rewarded for their support? They have been run over by the bus of the far left wing of the Democrat Party which controls it. You cannot say that President Obama has welshed on his campaign promise regarding this subject because he never made much of a pretense of being sympathetic to the sanctity of human life.

Clearly, President Obama and the Democrat Party have come to the conclusion that they no longer need the support of traditional Catholics. They have not only done everything they can to promote abortion on demand not only in America but abroad as well. They do not seem too concerned about the moral implications of forcing a Catholic to pay taxes to support abortions on demand here and abroad. They do see the moral implications of forcing an anti-war taxpayer to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or maybe that was only the case when Bush was President. They view funding embryonic stem cell research as "sound science" and that "ideology" should not be allowed to interfere with science. The ideology they clearly were referring to certainly includes the Catholic point of view.

We suspect that this callous attitude towards Catholics and this undisguised contempt for their views will come back to haunt the Democrat Party in 2010. The party in power almost always loses seats in the mid-term elections. While Bush made an exception to this rule in 2002, 9/11 had a lot to do with that. Now that the Democrats have managed to find some missing votes in Minnesota for Al Franken, they will have a bullet proof majority in the Senate with the help of Maine's two RINO Senators on a lot of issues. A few more excesses like this of insulting their core supporters should make 2010 an interesting political year.

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