Attack on Catholic Church in Conneticut

The Bill started actually with the words "With respect to the Catholic Church ...." The sleaziest attack so far on the constitution and the first amendment. People need to stand up and check their reps, because there is no limits set by this administration as to what government can do. I'm glad to see the Catholic League reacting.

I can't believe that those loons in CT tried to strip the rights of the Catholic Church. This is not just an attack on the Catholic Church (which I'm not a member of), but actually an attack on all religious groups. The Constitution states that the rights of every American are given to them by God. If the government takes away the right of self governing for religious groups, it actually takes the place of God, by telling people which rights they have. This is not just a violation of the 1st amendment, but the spirit of the constitution as a whole.

And they try to do this silently. Good that they were caught

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Anonymous said...

For many many years it has been known and openly shared what is found at Revelation chapter 17, verses 15-18, that the governments of the earth will turn on Religion and completely devatate her. And it says there that it is God himself that will put it into thier hearts to do this for exactly the reason that was sited in your article - they try to take the place of God.

Barry said...

If you will read the entire 17th and 18th chapters of Rev, you will see the govts are turning on Babylon the Great which is riding the back of the wild beast. It describes her actions and destruction as a result of her meddling in the political affairs of the world. You will she is descibed as having bridemaids in her and many riches to which the business men wail over her demise. This describes perfectly the false religious element of this world. The Catholic church and the Protestant religions as well as Islam, Muslim and all others who meddle in politics are going to be destroyed by the military arm of the govts throughout the earth at God's due time which is very near.

You are correct in saying that the govts have placed themselves in the position of God's Kingdom. Even the World Council of Churches claimed the UN was the political expression of God's Kingdom on earth. That was a blasphemous statement and the churches have supported the wars of these govts and tried to influence political affairs, a direct conflict with Christ's words to be no part of this world....his followers would be persecuted for not being part of this world (or support it). Christians should be apolitical and wait on God's Kingdom, the only hope for mankind, instead of trying to bring about change themselves. The churches have proved their hypocrisy and exposed themselves. This is why so many have left the churches. You cannot claim to be a Christian while advancing the affairs of the governments (riding the back of the wild beast).