Chambliss and challenger head to runoff for Georgia Senate seat

It is absolutely imperative that Saxby Chambliss retains his seat in the U.S. Senate for the GOP. He has about four weeks to convince Georgia voters — and a suspicious GOP base — that his services and checks against a Democratic majority is needed and vitally important.

He failed to receive 50% of the vote falling just short with 49.9 in the Georgia U.S. race.

Chambliss- 49.9
Martin- 46.7
Buckley- 3.4

Saxby has his problems in Georgia among the GOP faithful. He supported “comprehensive” illegal immigration reform as John McCain did, and the Gang of 10 energy plan that unpopular Senator Lindsey Graham also supported.

So it will be bitter-sweet for the Republican voters when they have to turnout for Chambliss. Considering what is at stake with the remaining Senate seats still undecided, I think most will judge the seriousness and re-elect the incumbent especially since Buckley who received 125,998 of the votes is out of the way.

His challenger, Jim Martin, does have the advantage and momentum of an Obama victory that may carry him to a slight victory.

In related news, the Democrats gained another Senate seat in Oregon. Incumbent Gordon Smith was beaten by Jeff Merkley. Smith conceded the tight race two days after Election Day.

Other Senate races have yet to be decided in Minnesota, Alaska, and of course Georgia. As of this moment, the Democrats have 57 seats with two Democrat leaning independents in the 100 seat U.S. Senate.

The possibility of a 60 seat majority — at least some of the time when counting Independents — is a very real outcome.

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2 comments to “Chambliss and challenger head to runoff for Georgia Senate seat”
Alien Patriot said...

I think that many voters still don't realize that a democracy works best, when there is at least some balance between political ideas.


Richard Santomauro said...

The conservatives in Georgia need to understand just how critical this runoff is. The ONLY remaining check against the liberals is the filibuster procedure.