RCP: Simple Fix to a Growing Problem


Let me start out by saying RCP is a great venue, the positives are it is a gathering of thoughts, ideas, and information form different sites that we would probably have never had access to if not for the hub that Real Clear provides. I understand that some of that information may be less than desirable at times and others might just be straight conspiratorial. RCP also has a responsibility not to allow posting of vulgar or pornographic material, which they have obviously done a great job with since I have been posting here.

In the past month some strange events have been happening, first, there was the "hacking,” and I use the term very loosely, of the home page by an Obama supporter. Then, concerning this website, there was the removal of the article Couture de Guerre (If my French is not totally rusty, translation is Culture Wars), the changing of the title of another article provided from the Badlands, The American Gestapo to the American Propaganda Machine, the removal of independantvoter of Plank-Road and Roger Gardner of RADARSITE (Correction: RadarSite has not had any articles removed from RCP, cred to Roger Gardner for keeping it straight.) , and now another article which was posted on RCP via the The Stafford Voice and run here on Badlands, FREE SPEECH: Already at War!

This is not about generating controversy in order to gain some notoriety, this about finding out what is going on. Real Clear, to my knowledge has not responded to any of the folks that have inquired about the situation. With that in mind, RCP is only as good as the people whom are providing the information for it, this includes professionals as well as us amateurs, but we are only as good as RCP allows us to be.

It is of particular importance at this time in the election process that people have access to avenues of information that they are not able to access through mainstream media outlets, since there is such an obvious biased. The blogging world is turning into a great source for that information, although you do have to be careful, and as noted above RCP centralizes this. Do not change that, RCP will lose its validity as an information pipeline.

We as readers and posters have a responsibility to RCP to post viable and noteworthy articles, which are not ladened with vulgarity or stupidity, and I would like to think that for the most part websites, which provide here, have held up their end of the bargain. However, RCP has a responsibility to its readers to let them know what is going on.

The solutions are very simple, people who post here have provided their emails; simply send out a mass email concerning a revised Terms of Service, an explanation of what is going on, or a link to revised TOS on the article submission page. It really is not that difficult and people are smart enough to grasp RCP's position. It would be the best thing for all parties. With that, we hope someone at Real Clear is listening and will at least consider this suggestion, we all love the services provided by RCP and hope you can maintain your continuity. Thank you.


"Happy Hunting!"

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