PUMA'S Prowl the Badlands


I think I can speak for all of the contributors at the Badlands when I say,"Thank you," to all the PUMA's and Conservatives who left some great commentary and input on our little Podunk blog. the other night. We had almost triple the number of people that normally view us and there is still a trickle effect on the posts we have run here concerning the PUMA movement. That tells me that people want to hear this because they are craving it after the past 8 years or more of divisiveness. Based on what folks were saying in their comments I think our leaders need to be listening to the average American, PUMA or Conservative. Ya'll have a ton more sense than they do.

Beyond the election though, PUMA's are always welcome participants in our endeavor . Win or lose I hope we can always remember what it is to be an American first and that party principles take a back seat to that everytime. Again thank you for participating and you always will have friends here at the Badlands. Stop by anytime!


"Happy Hunting, PUMA's!"

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