Has Obama himself become a Liability for his own Campaign?

When I am listening to some of my democratic friends, I can't help but noticing a change in their enthusiasm for this election. They were pounding me for supporting McCain just a few months ago, telling me that Obama is the only way to vote. Obama is the only hope for change and that change is what we need.

My friends knew that I have issue with some of Bush's policies. Nonetheless I always told them, that change alone is worth nothing, unless it is a change in the right direction.

They were optimistic that Obama would be right and they were pissed if you didn't agree.

I have felt for a long time that Obama was running on motivational blurbs, but not on substance. He was able to get through the primaries without really touching any of the issues. The main reason for that was the support of the MSM.

But as the campaign dragged on, the blurbs got old and boring. We just heard the same things from Obama and then from Biden and then from every other democratic strategist on TV too many times.

And then my friends started to get restless.

"Okay yeah we heard about the hope, the change and all that, but what does it actually mean?"

And that was a turning point in the election campaign and it is a still ongoing phenomenon? You can hear it in the coffee houses, in the shopping mall and wherever else people gather.

But BO is not fresh anymore and neither are his blurbs.

I think if the economy wouldn't have tanked, he would have just ridden the blurb wave right into the White House. And even though the economy seemed to be an advantage for the Dems, BO had to give the public some preview of his economic plan.

And what the world heard and saw, was maybe not what they expected. People start to get really pissed off.

Unacceptable associations, TV station boycotts, announcements of getting rid of the secret ballot for union elections, ban for offshore drilling and the fierce persecution of Joe the plummer after the spreading the wealth comment, even left my democratic friends creeped out.

My friends are liberals, but they do believe in the first amendments, no government censorship for the press, no cracking down on people just because they disagree with you, they can't stand the thought of open voting and that despite 75% of Americans are for offshore drilling, Pelosi, Reid and Obama would push for a ban on offshore drilling.

They understand that this might be a preview of an Obama administration and many of them don't like it.

So it seems to me that Obama has become a liability for his own campaign.

And we always expected this to be Joe Biden's forte!

The Alien Patriot

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