Obama's Politics of Fear

I always thought that inciting fear is the politics of Republicans.

At least that is what the left wing is always trying to put forward.

Obama said on June 21, 2008 (Obama spokesman: His dollar bill comment wasn’t about race):

"They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name."

But the last few weeks sound like the fear is the main ingredient in Obama's campaign.

They always talk about Bush's third term, but what does that actually mean. That we would have another 7 years without a terrorist act on US soil? That American troops will be again able to bring democracy to this world?

Of course not? You should be afraid of Bush - he went into Iraq because he likes war, he ruined our economy and whatever he touches turns bad.

Supposedly he is the worst president ever - and McCain will be even worse.

At least according to Obama's campaign.

But why are they doing it? Why don't they just spread hope and change?

Because Obama knows that he can only win, if people fear McCain more than him. People are suspicious of him, his record, inexperience and first and foremost his associations. So because people have some fear about him, he has to make people even more scared of his opponent.

The more we will find out about Obama's past, his associations and ideologies, the more he will have to play the fear card. And with the MSM having no problem to bash Bush, McCain and Palin, he's got some great support.

So if you are not afraid of bigger government, socialist ideologies, inexperience, limits to your freedom and the end of a free market society, keep bashing Bush and vote for Obama.

The Alien Patriot

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