Letter to Bill Ayers about America

As appeared on The Alien Patriot

Dear Bill,

What really bugs me about American dissidents (and I have to include you and Bernadette in that category) is that you despise everything that is America, while at the same time you take advantage of all your American rights to put forward your agenda.

Freedom of Speech is the base for all of your action and that freedom of speech is what makes America unique.

I mean go to Germany - a terrorist could be held in prison indefinitely, even if there is no specific proof for a crime. Just the fact of a potential risk for the safety of its citizens a judge can order the person to sit behind bars.

See, Bill, that's what you have to understand. Even in a progressive social democratic country like Germany you would probably see the prison from the inside.

I'm not even talking about other countries like China etc., where you would be lucky to be in prison. They don't seem to like dissidents that much.

America let's you raise your point of views - grants you freedom, so how bad can it really be that you hate it so much?

Even you should recognize that America is this great country that allows you to be Bill Ayers, no matter how crazy you are.

Best wishes,
The Alien Patriot

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