Obama's Lending, Spending and Depending

Ok I give it to you Bush definitely has created the ground work. Spending is already out of control for conservative minds and I guess also for a lot of people on the left side of the aisle.

But Obama's spending plans are so big, that nobody even knows where the money will come from. His approach will not just make the taxes go up, but also the prices - the little guy will get ripped off on both ends.

People will have to live on even more credit than now, but as we can see with loans and now even credit cards - lines of credit will be limited - especially for those with mediocre credit and interest rates could soar overnight easily from 10% to 20%.

You can shop around, but you might not find a card institute that will lend to you.

That will make people turn to private loan companies, where they will have to pay whatever interest rate they will charge. So they will get shaved a third time.

That's for the little guy - but the spending projects will show exactly this on the large scale too.

And Obama will proof that he's got some great foreign policy ideas - because China will be his best friend. Lending - Spending - and Depending.

Barney gives us a little glimpse of the spending vision here:

The Alien Patriot

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