Free Speech May Not Be so Free

When OP and I were strictly writing for PCT, we noticed, as did many others, a disturbing trend concerning dubious attempts to silence anti-Obama groups through attacks on their First Amendment Rights. We ran a couple of pieces on the first attempt that we saw called, Obama Thuggery, Trying to Shut Down the AIP's Ad, back in late August. There wasn't much media coverage on the AIP controversy, but then there was the Missouri “Truth Squads,” and again simply swept under the rug, now we have them targeting GOP activists. These events and those like them were actually the inspiration that brought many of us here to start Badlands.

Bill Dupray over a the Patriot room ran a post today called, Watch For Moonbat Attempts to Silence GOP Blogs. A warning via the HillBuzz, that Right wing leaning blogs might just find out what most Hillary supporters already know, under an Obama administration.

All that being said, this is not just about Obama or blogs, this is about the encroachment on the First Amendment by the entire Far Left and their supporters. It is their willingness to use legislation as a means of “social engineering” a generation into quietly accepting their policies, which I find disturbing.

Shaping policies now is the key to them peddling their poison pill in the future. This has far-reaching political consequences for upcoming generations. If people grow up in a speech restricted society, one in which you can face public humiliation or potential prosecution for having a dissenting voice, they will undoubtedly accept this as normal. Legislation would never be questioned and pushed, further impinging on other Amendments and natural rights. Of course this is a highly apocalyptic theory but the lunatics are running the asylum on the Left, so anything is possible.

Honestly, we don’t know if the Liberal Congressional hyper-power is even going to happen. But the haughtiness and authoritarian nature of the Far Left, who are claiming to be the party model, is what you have to consider in this situation. If none of this comes to pass and a partisan balance is struck the American population better sober up. Our rights are delicate and the balance to sustain them is difficult at times, there is always a potential to lose them. There is no need to live in a state of perpetual fear of losing your rights, just appreciate them and don't take them for granted.

Cred to Bill Dupray over at the Patriot Room, the Conservative Conglomerate, and the HillBuzz for keeping this issue at the forefront. We here at the Badlands share their concerns and will be watching.


“Happy Hunting!”

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