Obama's Google Connection

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Why would Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt endorse Barack Obama.

Economically it doesn't sound like a great idea. Bigger government under BO could impose restrictions on pricing, usage and contents, so what's in it for Schmidt.

I know what's in it for Obama.

Superficially: Who is on the internet? Who looks up to Google? It's the youth vote, that the dems hope so much is coming out Nov 4th.

(Footnote: Although I heard today that the ballot in Colorado will take about 20 minutes to fill out, so I'm not sure how many youngsters will be up to it)

But what about this:

Google has a lot of information about its users. For many of us too much. Privacy on the internet is a very sensitive issue.

If you have a bigger government and want to control and oversee more sectors of life, the internet is very crucial. Access to this kind of information can be very valuable, especially if you want to control opposing opinions in public.

Maybe Google just follows along because Obama is the hip celebrity for most of its users.

Anyway, tell me I'm paranoid, but given the little incentive that Obama would bring to Google as a business, I can't help but thinking there is an ulterior motive.

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