Income Redistribution Monopoly

We can all agree that there is rich people and poor people (and a bunch in between).

Let's assume we take more taxes from the rich and give that money to the poor to buy stuff from the companies of the rich. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just give poor people these products for free? Save time by leaving out the monopoly game and transfer paper from one person to the next.

Well one might say - no that would not be fair, because after all we live in a free society and people can choose what they would want to buy!

Ok so I'm free to buy whatever I want, but I'm not free to earn however much I want.

No you are free to earn however much you want - but you have to give part of it away.

That's patriotic, you know.

Ok so it's patriotic to accept the will of a government that is fundamentally different to the original idea of America, but it is not patriotic anymore to push for a society that is free and self-reliant.

Yes it is what is called being "neighborly".

But my neighbor doesn't get the money - isn't the government getting the money and decides on who to give this money to? Wouldn't it be better if I want to give some money to my neighbor just to give it to him?

Of course not because the government is much more objective in distributing the money "fairly".

Ok but in order for me as an average rich person to still make money I will have to transfer my company outside of the US, lay some people off, or have to increase the prices for my products and services.

I will probably not be able to give any raises to my workers or offer incentives for customers. That means their income will not grow, but the prices will.

And if I can't make it - I will go bankrupt. I guess that's okay, because after all I'm a rich person ( or least I was)

But if go bankrupt, more people will have no job, less companies will offer services, less competition will bring even higher prices.

So we started with giving money from the rich to the poor, but inflated the value of money along the way, so the poor will still be poor.

So there will be still poor people and rich people.

The only difference to now is:
There will be more poor people and less rich people! (and less in between)

I guess Income Redistribution is really the Change we Need!

The Alien Patriot

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