An Army of 300 million Joe's


For awhile now the election has been conceded by most on the right and I must admit it even was starting to look that way to me. I took a wait and see approach because this election cycle has been as volatile as the economy. Even over at Politics and Critical Thinking, my fellow contributor there has raised the very valid point that national polls do not reflect this election it is the Electoral College and Obama is way ahead. On that point CT was totally correct.

In his defense though he has made several statements about the need of a McCain Miracle and rightfully pointed out that the Senator has had a history of them all his life, from the Forestall, to Vietnam, to politics. He has evaded failure and cheated death by seemingly divine intervention. I do not like being so presumptive but I think most of the contributors here at the Badlands also feel the same way.

This week, very interestingly there have been a series of blunders from the Left, as well as Republican triumphs, John McCain’s impressive showing at the debate. On the Left’s failures; Murtha and his racist claims about West Pa., now there is talk of a $300 billion stimulus package by the stimulus package queen, Nancy Pelosi, and the final one Obama and “Joe the Plumber.’

The last one is the most important to me for one simple reason, Obama can lie to a television camera, while standing up on a podium giving a stump speech, or debating another candidate. None of that is the reality of the people he will have to lead if he becomes President. He was face to face with the yokel, dumbshit, working folks the Left leaning pundits try and paint us as. We now have a face and that is Joe. Senator Obama, to his credit, did not spin or lie to that face. He let his true political identity come forward. He is a Progressive Liberal who believes in what some have termed as “wealth re-distribution,” I call it social-ized taxation. Obama simply thinks, like most social Liberals, that individual rights, protection, and success are spawned from the State. Again that is fine, but at least be honest about it and let the American people decide.

Minus all of the philosophical debate, Joe Wurzelbacher, brought up an issue that is near and dear to the American people, the very reason we rebelled against Britain, taxes. No matter what your political disposition there is one thing that American have bred into them and that is the innate hatred of taxes. They might even tolerate government incursions into their privacy before they will let the government tax them anymore than they do.

Lower taxes are the stamp of American individuality; we feel that any attempt to exert more of them on us is an attack on that individuality. Most people understand this simple premise, more money for the government allows it to expand thereby increasing its authority over the individual. Also, the less money you have the less freedom you have to do things you want for yourself and your family, the diminution of choice. This is what Joe has brought to the forefront of the political debate and forced Obama to show his hand.

Joe will probably be attacked by the media, branded and ignorant moron who knows nothing of the grand Obama tax plan. Left leaning pundits and bloggers will attack the Right for supporting a “dumbshit” like Joe because who in the hell is he to deserve our praise. Joe might be in for a rough ride over the next few weeks. But I appreciate him coming out and questioning honestly, when given the opportunity to do so, this is why I respect him. For the sacrifice of privacy and the courage to represent the Army of 300 million Joe's who are not allowed to speak on national forefront I want to sincerely thank him. Joe, you da’ man!


Update: Ironically as I was posting this on Real Clear Politics, the blog contributions about Joe being attacked by the media started rolling in. Here is the very one that is posted above mine from the Lonely Conservative, The Assault on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. They have not wasted anytime in dragging this man through the mud and trying to discredit him for questioning Obama, utterly amazing.

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