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As a presidential candidate, one would think that you should be able to gain the highest top secret clearance one could gain. This would be a great problem that would plague Barack Obama if he had to apply for a top secret clearance.

Like everything that involves our government, there are procedures. One of those procedures, but not limited to, is being questioned before qualifying to fill out the standard background check form, SF86. One of those questions that would be asked to Obama would be:

"Have you ever sold any illegal drugs for profit?"

We know that Barack has openly admitted to using drugs, but we don't know if he has sold them. One could assume that during one's questionable teenage years, in which he claims to have had a tough life, he could have sold them. Which leads us to look at another question that would be brought to Obama. And that being:

"Have you used any illegal drugs (including anabolic steroids after February 27, 1991), other than marijuana, within the past ten years, or engaged in more than minimal experimentation in your lifetime?"

Once again, Barack's drug use comes into play, having admitted to more than just recreational use of more than marijuana. Having spent time explaining it in detail, in a book that he has written, saying that he has used marijuana and "maybe a little blow(cocaine)." Also saying that he didn't try heroin because he didn't like the person who was trying to sell it to him. That sounds like a little more than "minimal experimentation."

As stated earlier, these are just some of the questions asked before one even begins to fill out the standard form for FBI background checks, the SF86. So, if Obama was able to make it past the preliminary questions, take a look at some of the questions he would face in the SF86.

  • People who know you well

  • Your relatives and associates

  • Your foreign activities:

  • - Do you have any foreign property, business connections, or financial interests?

  • - Have you ever had any contact with a foreign government, its establishments (embassies or consulates), or its representatives, whether inside or outside the U.S., other than on official U.S. Government business?

  • - Explain if you answered yes to any of those questions.

  • Foreign countries you have visited

  • Your association record

  • - Have you ever been an officer or a member or made a contribution to an organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government and which engages in illegal activities to that end, knowing that the organization engages in such activities with the specific intent to further such activities?

  • - Explain if you answered yes to that question.

We don't know exactly how Barack Obama would answer these questions. If a time came when these questions had to be asked of a Presidential candidate, one would ask if the FBI could legitimately grant him the highest level of top secret needed to be President of the United States.

We have taken a small look at Barack and his history. We have taken a look at what it would take to achieve a top secret clearance granted by the FBI. We only hope that people will start to realize that Obama would bring a lot of change. A change that would bring total disgrace to this great nation. Call upon your VOICE and choose the right candidate, and not one that couldn't even have a top secret clearance.

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