Where is the Outrage?

Let's face it, folks, the United States of America, as you and I have always known it, is going to hell in handbasket. We are letting a bunch of self-appointed elites steal our money and redistribute it to their friends and supporters. We are letting this same bunch of snobs micromanage our lives by writing hundreds of thousands of pages of rules and regulations that no one can keep up with without so much as a whimper of protest. Whatever happened to the home of the free and the brave? Are we going to allow ourselves to become the home of government slaves and a bunch of cowards? Why aren't we mad as hell and determined that we are not going to put up with this crap anymore? Where is the outrage?

The standard answer is that there is nothing we can do about it because you cannot fight city hall let alone the federal government. We both know that this is a cop out. Why are we letting a bunch of know nothings who by their own admission constitute 22% of the population tell the rest of us what to do? Why are we allowing these jerks in the media, Hollywood and universities wage war on our way of life and force us to march to their corrupt tune? If Iran landed on our shores with an army of Sharia law demanding Moslems armed to the teeth determined to force their way of life on us, would we stand idly by and submit? How is what is happening to us any different other than it is not an armed army of fanatics but a bunch of home grown fanatics in control of way too much of the country already?

What can we do about this insidious form of attack? We rebelled when the fanatics in Congress jammed a health care bill a distinct majority of us did not want down our throats and sent 63 new members of the House of the opposite party to Congress to teach them better manners. How did that turn out? What did we get but more of same old, same old crap? How could there be any change when these 63 members elected the same "go along to get along" bunch as their leaders? Yes, they passed some sensible legislation only to have it all die in the Senate that has not managed to pass a budget in over 900 days and counting. So the Republicans weep crocodile tears and say there is nothing they can do since the fanatics control the Senate.

The Republican leadership in both Houses of Congress is so afraid of being beat up on by the media that they never hold their ground. Wake up and smell the coffee. The media is part of the invading enemy so you never let them get away with their assault on the rest of us. Shut the damn federal government down if that is what it takes to get spending under control. The federal government is the biggest threat to our individual freedom and public opinion polls show that well over a majority of the public recognizes this. The federal government is a terrible evil and a threat to every American whether they know that or not. It may be a necessary evil but it still is an evil that must be fought at every turn.

This country was founded on the concept of property rights. If your property is not your own then anyone can just help themselves to what you have paid your money to own anytime they please. Since it took money to buy any property you own, your money is also your property and anyone who helps himself to it is a thief. Trying to dress it up as an issue of fairness because you have more money than someone else is total bullshit. Some people are more talented than others as writers, singers, dancers or what have you. Is that fair? It may not seem fair but that is just the way life is. Would you have us all be equally talented and have everybody be just mediocre at everything? Worse yet, would you have us place handicaps on talented people so that they would not be any better than anyone else at whatever they are good at? Then why would you have us handicap people who are talented at making money by stealing it from them since they are just "too" talented than the rest of us and they owe it to the rest of us in all fairness? We excuse this inexcusable behavior by calling these people greedy. All that happens when you handicap the wealthy by taking their money is that we all get poorer. We have been handicapping the wealthy for several years now and while I do not know about you, I am definitely poorer than I was before the socialists took over the government.

All we hear from Congress is how we need more laws, more programs and especially more spending even though we know that this policy is totally insane. The United States government is broke and bankrupt in all but name. We have borrowed from our children's children's children to fund this spending spree that would put an entire aircraft carrier group of drunken sailor to shame. We desperately need to take a meataxe to the federal government budget and lop off several cabinet departments at one fell swoop. Does anyone really think that the present occupant of the White House is prepared to do this to save our country from going belly up? He is busy doing the Alfred E. Neumann bit and saying. "What, me worry?" His answer is to tax the rich and spend even more money. If we took every "rich" person, which by his definition is anyone making over $250,000 a year, and lined them up against the wall, shot them all, confiscated everything they owned, sold it all and gave the money to the federal government how much of a dent would that make? It would mean we could fund the federal government for about a year so what do we do the year after that when there are no more rich people to rob?

Since forming a third party would just guarantee finishing off our country by re-electing the incumbent, we are stuck with electing a Republican president who promises to dramatically cut the federal government down to a size we can live with. Unfortunately, most Republicans only make speeches about doing that but never follow through on their promises. All we get is a little less government than we would have under the Democrats, but still more government and spending than before. Who then can we draft as our David who will venture forth and slay the Goliath of big government that is strangling all of us? It will take someone who has a record of not being afraid of stepping on the toes of BOTH parties who want to keep to business as usual even though it is destroying our country. There is only one person who answers that description perfectly, but when she popped up onto the national scene, the enemy within recognized her as the threat that she was to their way of running the country and attacked her and her family without mercy to an extent never seen before even in the rough and tumble world of politics. What is worse, we stood idly by and let the bastards do it and never stood up for her to our everlasting shame.

Thus it is no wonder that she decided that her family had been vilified enough and being president was not worth what it would cost her family. She also realized that her reputation had been so shattered by the relentless assault on her that to be just one of many Republicans running against Mr. Business as Usual, as demonstrated by his governing of Massachusetts, was an exercise in futility. Perhaps when Romney sweeps New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida and there is no one left to stop him from winning the nomination even though he will only have 5% of the total delegates at that point, she can be prevailed upon to change her mind and do her duty and save us all.

We cannot live on what may turn out to be a vain hope given the stakes. Who then is there left who has a track record of cutting government at all and even balancing the budget for a couple of years? Only Newt Gingrich answers that description. In spite of all his personal failings, his huge ego and his tendency to jump on a new train too quickly, he is the only remaining choice. He is the bull in a china shop of the federal government that is exactly what we need. The point is that Newt is now a necessity or we are all going down with the listing ship of state. That means it is up to the folks of South Carolina to put Newt over the top. If they fail to do that, we are down to the longshot of leaning on Sarah very hard to change her mind and fulfill her duty to her country.

This is just such an unbelievable mess that we have allowed to happen in our country. We truly are in desperate straits. God help us all since we do not seem to be willing to help ourselves by doing whatever it takes to vanquish the enemy within.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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adagioforstrings said...

Like Rush said today, & Rep Boehner said the other day, nobody is in love with Romney (except, presumably, his wife & kids). This is fine by me since I'm not looking for a Messiah or a cult of personality. I just want someone who will do his level best to stop & turn back as much of the socialism that's been crammed down our throats the past few years.