The Sky is Really Falling

From The Marston Chronicles

In 45 years of being heavily involved in politics, we have never seen anything like this. Having been hammered for two elections, the Republican Party was totally on the ropes with only 40 Senate seats and 178 House seats. This is down from 55 Senate seats and 232 House seats in just four years. Now just 15 months later, the Republicans are poised to regain control of both houses in Congress in November. We are projecting a 58 seat gain in the House which would give them four more seats than they lost in the last two elections. We were projecting only a 44 seat gain just three weeks ago.

The Senate has been considered totally out of reach by everyone, ourselves included, until the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The reverberations of that election are still striking every nook and cranny of the American political world. Races that would have been considered totally hopeless are now in play. Since there were only 19 Democrat held seats in play, how could the Republicans possibly expect to pick up 11 more to regain control of the Senate? The seats in Hawaii, Vermont and Schumers's seat in New York were and still are totally out of reach.

Who would believe that the Republicans would have a snowball's chance in hell of picking up 11 of the remaining 16 seats? On top of this, three more seats in Connecticut, Maryland and Oregon are really long shots even now. For example, Senator Wyden in Oregon does not even have a Republican opponent and his seat is the best bet of the three. So that left the Republicans with having to pick up 11 of the remaining 13 seats to regain control. They have already picked up the Massachusetts seat with the election of Scott Brown so now they need 10 of 12 seats. You could have gotten odds of 100 to 1 that the Republicans could not do that. If we were in Las Vegas right now and had some money to spare, we sure would be placing a bet that the Republicans would regain control of both houses of Congress in November.

If you look at our table of vulnerable Democrat held seats in the Senate, you will see the latest polls for each seat where they have been taken so far. In those 12 seats, a possible or actual Republican candidate is ahead in 9 of them. This simply cannot be happening and since it is, the sky must really be falling. Of course, there are some problems in three of these good chance seats in that Pataki in New York, Thompson in Wisconsin and Rossi in Washington have not committed to run yet. Even unannounced, they are ahead of Gillibrand, Feingold and Murray. This is totally unbelievable. If these three run and the election were held today, there would be a tie in the Senate and Vice-President Biden would be casting the tie breaking vote for the Democrats.

But wait, we are not done yet. Let's look at the other three seats left out of the 12: Illinois, California and Indiana. We will not know about Illinois until a poll is taken after today's primary. In California, Boxer is only ahead of Campbell by 4 points and Bayh is only ahead of Hostettler by 3 in Indiana. It is entirely possible that the Republicans could pick up all 12 seats and that is just totally unreal. Things like this just do not happen in politics but then Republicans do not get elected in Massachusetts, the most Democrat state in the union, to fill a seat once held by two Kennedy brothers either.

How could this be happening? The only plausible answer is that there is a massive rejection by the voting public of the agenda being pushed by the Democrat trifecta of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Trying to jam health care reform down our throats, trying terrorists as common criminals and spending money like a whole carrier full of drunken sailors on Uncle Sam's credit card is ringing up a massive no sale for the Democrats. No one likes rejection but the worst thing you can do is to pretend it is not happening. That is definitely whistling past the graveyard. In this case, the graveyard is where the far left agenda of the trifecta is being buried right now. The Democrats need to "straighten up and fly right", so to speak, or suffer the most disastrous defeat in the history of modern politics.

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