The Choo-Choo Train Keeps Rolling

Yes, folks the Democrat express train is still rolling down the tracks and still headed right towards you and your family sitting there stalled on the railroad tracks. In 45 years in politics, we have never seen anything to match this blatant disregard for due process and what the public wants. Apparently the Democrats really think they are bullet proof. The AP is reporting this story today: Dems intend to bypass GOP on health compromise. Talk about a "we won, so screw you attitude." They are going to pass Obama care whether we like it or not and do so behind closed doors and then say, "Don't read it, just pass it."

You hopefully will pardon us if we say that it is time for these "our way or the highway" Democrats to be brought up short. In fact, it is way past the time to do that. It just so happens that Congress is not planning to meet again until January 19th. How very interesting because that just happens to be the date of the special election for the next U. S. Senator in Massachusetts. We believe that the election of the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, will indeed serve notice that we are mad as hell and are not going to stand for their sheer arrogance any more.

Rasmussen polling is conducting a poll tonight on this race and we expect them to report a squeaker race. There is talk at Weekly Standard that a private poll says that Coakley is ahead of Brown by 11 points. We are willing to bet that it was a poll of registered voters at best, if not all adults. Rasmussen's
forte is polling likely voters as opposed to all adults or even registered voters. That automatically tilts things towards Republicans because they do in fact turn out better than Democrats. Whatever he comes up with for results in Massachusetts, you can take it to the bank. We will bet you that he will report a lot better than an 11 point margin.

Update: The Rasmussen poll shows that the margin is 9 points but among certain voters, it is just two points.

We have been hoping he would not do this poll because it is likely to scare the Democrats big time. On the other hand, maybe the the Rasmussen poll will finally convince the Republican National Committee that they have a real chance and will finally pour a ton of money into this race if they were not planning to do that all along. There has been a lot of chatter about the Libertarian candidate, Joe Kennedy, taking votes away from Brown as Libertarians usually do. We believe that a candidate whose last name is Kennedy will take a big chunk of votes away from the Democrat candidate in Massachusetts. That is why we still think Brown can win this thing.

The only way to derail the Democrat Obama care express train is to elect Scott Brown. Once Obama care is passed, it will never be repealed. All we have to do is do whatever it takes to get Scott Brown elected in the special election in Massachusetts. While only voters in Massachusetts can do that, we can help them do what is needed by doing whatever it takes to get Scott Brown elected no matter wherever we live. Please go to and donate your time and money to help our country avoid insolvency. This is our last and only real chance of stopping Obama care.

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