What Makes Obama Tick?

We have been watching the actions of President Obama trying to figure out what really motivates him. We did not support him for the Presidency, not because he was black or even a Democrat, but rather because his previous history indicated that he was not really supportive of the America we know and love. Still when he did get elected, we looked at the bright side and felt that at least we had proved that skin color was no longer a barrier to political advancement in this country. There is no way he could have gotten elected without a great number of white votes so we felt that at least white guilt would be a thing of the past and race relations in this country would improve. No such luck.

We slowly began developing a theory that could explain his actions. For a minute let's just assume that an individual who was raised as a Muslim in the most Muslim country in the world and attended Muslim schools also retained this childhood conditioning. Let's further assume that this person moved to the United States and eventually became President. What would a true Muslim do in such a case? He could not admit to being a Muslim so he would have to be ostensibly a Christian. Does this explain why Obama could be a member of a church with a rabid race baiting minister and not be bothered about it even when his mother was white?

What kind of politics would such a person be attracted to? Wouldn't he pick associates no matter how horrendous their background and who actually hate this non-Muslim country? Wouldn't he be attracted to a politics that was the most dangerous to the United States? Wouldn't he surround himself with people most likely to accept a black person and actually push him based on his race? Wouldn't such a person resort to dirty tricks to eliminate political opponents, even those who had supported him in the past? Is it just some coincidence that most of Obama's opponents were forced out of his races giving him a free ride?

Wouldn't he campaign as a person who strongly favors a "help the oppressed minorities and adopt a message of peace and good will towards all mankind" while pushing the hope that he could right all of the evils in this world? But is that what he would do when he actually got elected President? Obviously not. The first thing a closet Muslim would do is totally ignore the gays who overwhelming supported him because his Muslim beliefs caused him to think that they should really be executed. The next thing he would do is slowly and steadily pull the rug out from underneath Israel and ignore the American Jews who overwhelming supported him because he really hates them.

In foreign policy matters, he would be a total wuss. He would encourage anyone who is opposed to the United States by letting him know that he will not stand in their way if they make quiet but still overt moves against our interests. He would make nice with the most dangerous Muslim countries like Iran. Since Muslims are not particularly interested in democracy, he would quietly support dictators of all sorts such as Castro, Chavez, and their like. He would alienate our allies and slowly but surely strip them of any defense against Muslim aggression. He would bow to a Muslim king and give a speech on and in the Middle East to let Muslim leaders know they had a friend in the White House without being so obvious that anyone one not on the right wing would protest.

While campaigning on the idea that Afghanistan was where the real war should be waged, once elected he would do nothing to support it and stall as long as possible on military requests for assistance. In the end, he would do nothing so that the Taliban could win and give not only the United States but also give its NATO allies a black eye. After that betrayal, why would the West be interested in combating terrorism? He would even rename the War on Terrorism to further trivialize the effort.

He would push programs that would devastate the economic welfare of this country by running up massive deficits. He would favor laws that profess to do something about global warming but would actually make the current recession much worse. He would push for more expensive entitlement programs that would inevitably bankrupt this country. He would keep pushing these programs even when a rising opposition caused his poll numbers to go into free fall. Such a person would not care about political damage to himself or members of his party or getting them or himself re-elected because he would need to do as much damage as fast as possible. Does any of this ring a bell? We just cannot come up with any other theory that explains all of Obama's actions. We greatly fear that Obama is a Muslim wolf in Christian sheep's clothing. We truly hope we are wrong but we do not think we are.

See http://www.resistnet.com/profiles/blogs/islams-stats-from-the-cia comment number three for Obama's sister's confirmation of this theory.

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