We Now Know When the Next Terrorist Attack Will Come

How can we possibly know that? Because it is already in progress. Consider how you would plan things if you were the head of Al Queda. While 9/11 showed that Al Queda can inflict damage on the western civilization, in the long run it was not serious damage. It did greatly enhance recruiting more terrorists, but it also seriously damaged the command and control structure of Al Queda. Now every leader always has his ears alert for the sound of a cruise missile headed his way. That is precisely why there has not been a follow up overt attack because it is counterproductive.

What Al Queda needed was a better plan and they got one. Consider what the easiest way to take down western civilization would be. The clear answer is to destroy the United States first and the rest would be a piece of cake. To do that you need an operative in a high ranking position who could destroy the country from within and from the top down. Consider what such an operative would do if his goal was to destroy the United States. He would promise to end the war in Iraq to appeal to the antiwar groups but then fail to keep his promise so he could keep the troops tied down on the other side of the world. He would create a huge civilian group totally loyal to him and who could be armed quickly. Then he would have his Attorney General go on a witch hunt against the CIA to hobble it so it could no longer function as a counter-terrorist organization. On the domestic front, you would want to destroy the American economy by running up an totally unsustainable debt that could never be paid off except by debasing the currency by printing worthless pieces of paper. That would lead to hyperinflation and make the United States no more powerful than Argentina.

Of course, you would need this operative to be a silver tongued orator who could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. You would also need one who could persuade groups of people who ordinarily do not bother to vote to suddenly do that. Someone who would appeal to the under thirty crowd and an oppressed minority would do very nicely. But where would you find an operative who could attain such a position? You would need one who had at least one parent who hated the United States and who was raised in a foreign country during his all important formative years to have no love lost for the USA. Indeed, someone who was raised a Muslim in Muslim schools in the most Muslim country in the world would do nicely.

We all know that this describes President Obama perfectly. So is he an Al Queda plant? Absolutely not. They should be so lucky but then they did not need to do their own dirty work when someone else was quite willing to do it for them. So who really is behind this attempt to destroy the United States? How about those thirty odd so-called czars Obama has appointed that are really running the country and needed no Senate confirmation? Add to that more that he did not dare appoint like William Ayers and Reverend Wright and you get the picture.

Congratulations, Osama bin Laden, because you are no longer the most dangerous man on the planet. The President of the United States has unwittingly taken over that dubious honor.

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3 comments to “We Now Know When the Next Terrorist Attack Will Come”
Anonymous said...

You are a whack job, conspiracy theorist, and a fear monger to actually take time and think up something stupid like this. You are anti American, why don't you move out the country. You want perpetual war in Iraq. We can't babysit them forever. Time to move on and fight the real war in Afhganastan. P.S. Bush took a surplus of 200 billion and turned it into a 1 trillion dollar deficit. I didn't hear a peep from conservatives then. Hypocrites.

gemimail said...

Same to you and redoubled in spades (as opposed to clubs, diamonds and hearts since you are undoubtedly into political correctness in a big way.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Amen. Just with GWB handed the reigns over to the BO, so we have another dictator. This time, even worse. We need to worship God, not the horizontal --- Take a lookit our blog. I totally trash the stanky BO: he lies, lies, lies like a rug withe UN (he shouldn't be serving), Wall street (bought by the billionaires), and now withe Youth army (WTF???) he's totally a LIAR; he should have a picture of Satan in his office and worship it. I didn't vote for that superficial, shallow dumb@$$ controlled by the super rich. God bless.