We Will All Go Down Together

From The Marston Chronicles

We have watched with amusement as we read comments from our World News section here on The Marston Chronicles. Several snide news articles and comments have been made about how the American economy has slid into recession. Usually they accuse us of spending money like drunken sailors not just at the governmental level but at the personal level as well. One must wonder just what they think has been keeping their own mostly socialistic economies afloat lo these many years.

Now that the American consumers have reacted to the layoffs, credit crunch and home price deflation by being more frugal in their purchases, they are buying far fewer foreign imports. No more American tourists on a fling in foreign lands. The end result has been that other countries are feeling the economic pinch far worse than the United States is. Just what made these folks think that we could crash and burn economically and that they would still be peachy keen?

Here is just a sample of how wrong they have been:

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