You know a bill is BAD when...

You got the full weight of the craziest lefties in America behind it. Looks like on is utterly flabbergasted upon learning that not a single Republican in the house voted to support this piece of junk. It would appear that they are suffering from reality shock, after all, how could such a large group of politicians oppose dear leader's proposal? After all, he won!? The only conclusion...they must be Nazis. So now, in the midst of celebrating their 10 year existence and their 4.2 million person membership (about 1.5% of America's population) they have launched a campaign. They want a massive outcry and to encourage Republican senators next week to support this broiled pork chop. This is from their website:

"Lobbyists and their conservative allies in Congress are working hard to kill
these crucial provisions and instead spend that money on more tax cuts for the
rich. Only a massive public outcry will make sure Obama and Congress stand firm
for these key investments in our economy. Can you sign our petition right away?
A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your
Senators and Representative. "

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