Hub of Hollywood Conservatives Now Have Outlet

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It is well known that most of those in Hollywood are more Liberal leaning than they are Conservative, but with the introduction of a new hub may start to change how Hollywood is viewed.

Andrew Breitbart, founder of, is no stranger to Internet surfing conservatives looking for news, and thanks to Andrew do they now have a new message to be introduced to.

This new endeavor by Breitbart will be introduced on Jan. 6. “Big Hollywood” will be a place for conservative celebrities and industry-insiders can voice their view on Hollywood politics. Offering discussion on various topics including reviews to politics, this is certainly to shed some light on the other side of the lawn.

Breitbart says, “Our goal is to create an atmosphere of tolerance – something that does not exist in this town.”

Fox News reports:

Breitbart has invited a number of conservative politicians, commentators and journalists to write regularly about the cult of celebrity, liberalism in popular culture, and politics.

But Breitbart says the goal of Big Hollywood is not to “out” conservative celebrities, and he will not pressure celebrities to jump into the fray. He says conservative celebs who aren't comfortable will full transparency will be allowed to write under and alias.

As Big Hollywood launches, there is somewhat a level of fear and trepidation among conservative celebrities. Also, some are worried that there will be a literal blacklist and pressure will increase in order for them to stay quiet.

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2 comments to “Hub of Hollywood Conservatives Now Have Outlet”
Critical Thinker said...

I like the the first amendment premise being set here. Open dialogue and opinion is the rational way for all voices to be heard. One great thing the Democratic victory has accomplished; it has forced Conservatives to become more engaged. Losing is not always a bad thing.

sharise parviz said...

It is time for conservatives in Hollywood to speak up and support each other.
I am "out and proud" to call myself a Conservative actress