Would Bobby Jindal be so popular if he would be a Hindu?

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First let me say: I really like Bobby Jindal.

And I respect that he switched from Hinduism to his Christian faith. And I don't really know when he made that switch, and why he did it, but I was thinking:

Would be Bobby Jindal where he is in politics today, if he would have remained a Hindu? Is America and especially the GOP open minded enough to support a candidate from another faith?

I would say "No". Being a Christian seems to be part of a politicians profile, just like wearing a suit and tie to Congress.

Why is that? Isn't America the greatest and most open-minded country in the world.

Yes I think to a large degree it is. So why are there no Hindus and Muslims in politics?

Are they not interested? Don't they think that politics are important? Would they be able to gain a seat in politics?

I think there are many Hindus and Muslims who are interested in politics, especially when it comes to social issues. Considering my daily Yoga practice for the last 10 years I could consider myself a Hindu (although I rarely think that way), and I obviously am very interested in politics. Those few people I know, who found their way into politics, switched to the Christian faith in the process of running for office.

Did they have to do it? Well they sure thought they did.

And maybe that's true, maybe it will still take some time before Hindus and Muslims can run for office in America, but I think it depends on your own faith in your faith, your charisma and how much you have in common with other Americans.

I have contact with many conservatives from different denominations and I have a lot of things in common with them. We all believe for examply in personal responsibility and small government.

It was funny when a friend of mine ran for office and some Christian fanatics from the opposing candidate found out about his Hindu past, they used it against him. I was astonished by the bigotry.

I'm glad that Bobby Jindal is where he is, but if he had to sacrifice his faith in order to get there, that would be really sad, no matter in which direction this switch would occur.

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4 comments to “Would Bobby Jindal be so popular if he would be a Hindu?”
Blueskyboris said...

I'm not surprised by the bigotry. ;)

Alien Patriot said...

Well unfortunately the Dems are not much better either. And I'm not sure if it's even worse, because they are supposed to be the self-acclaimed open-minded party.
There is plenty of Hobby-Christians there.
And as much as I can see the Agnostics and Atheists there, they only seem to be open-minded if you don't believe in God. That's it's own form of bigotry.

Blueskyboris said...

It exists in lesser degress, but, yes, it is there..

Biased Girl said...

I really don't think it would matter, maybe I'm wrong.