American Nuclear Deterrence and Israel

"When the sun Shine -We shine Together Told you i'll be here Forever -
Said I'll always be your friend come on and stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more then ever We'll still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella"

So sang the sexyful sultry siren - one of Great Satan's little hottie treasures - Rihanna in her smash break out single "Umbrella"

And if leaky leaks are correct - this is a break out of sorts for foreign policy that the recent hook up with CFR and Brooking's Saban Center never took into account.

A guaranteed nuclear snuggle blanket may be interpreted as a sign that Iran is past the point of enrichment interruptus - which gives real sharp sharp pointy teeth to Pyramidland's Pres for Life Hosni recent proclamation that any Shia crescent stretching from Persia to the Med and Red seas is an Iranian plan to "...devour the Arab world."

Evidently, Iran is unsatiated after her proxies munched on huge bits of Lebanon and is staring to bite Egypt. Fake riots in Tehran storm the Egyptian embassy over Egypt's wicked abandonment of nearly a million and a half Egyptians that magically became Palestinians in the Strip

Much of the dramarama is quite retarded: One of the main disputes between the two states was the naming of a Tehran street after the assassin of former Egyptian President for Life Anwar Sadat, which Iran later agreed to change to Intifada Street in reference to the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

In return, Supeme Leader wants Egypt to change the name of a street in Cairo named after the late Shah Reza Pahlavi, who is also buried in the al-Rifai mosque in the Egyptian capital.

Iran leaked a few leaks too - namely that 44's soon to be under fire Chief of Staff is actually a spy guy for Little Satan - cementing control of Great Satan for those naughty land snatching, honor besmirching, despot dissing, nigh indestructable Zionists sweetly snuggling with Great Satan like a cat under that warm, comfy and soft nuclear blanket.

1st - it is totally corrct to embrace all democracys that hang out in tough hoods. Soko, Nippon, Taiwan, not just Israel.Umbrella is also forward thinking. Arab League for nearly 60 years has followed the retarded Khartoum Conference with the "3 No's" - No recog of Israel, no negotiations with Israel and no Peace with Israel.

All it has gained them is a resurgent enemy, a militant shia crescent from Persia to the Red and Med seas that unlike Arab League - has a track record of success in battling Little Satan and spouting up regime threatening rocket rich proxies.

Umbrella gives Arab League the impetus for officially recognizing Little Satan which would put HAMAS and Hiz'B'Allah in the interesting light of being pretty good at resisting - yet totally suck at anything else like running a government.

Syria would have to reconsider serious negotiations, and Arab League would have a chance to hook up, man up and stand up to protect their own regimes for Iranian hegemony.

Great Satan's extension of Nuclear Deterrrence to Litle Satan is as significant as Otto v. Bismarck's interlocking alliances that created and maintained Europa's dominant power and peace for decades, establishing ala Linus, a security blanket that allows all actors in the ME to prep for the future instead of wallowing in the the past

It also combines Great Satan's ME policies (and that of enemies, frienemies and friends) under one overarching roof.
Or umbrella.

Pic - Daemoneoconia Magazine December 2008

Comments :

Critical Thinker said...

Uuuh yeah Iran and nucl...Rhianna...where was I ? Oh yeah Irna and nucl...Rhianna...Damn it!! Stop it with the sexy pics they are distracting.

Seriously though, the speed of Iran's enrichment processes has been talked about for awhile. While it may not be common knowledge they are ahead of the power curve and we are not giving them enough cred.

Little Satan would be kind of pissed if Tehran decided to make them glow in the dark. I think their response would be apocalyptic. Deterrence might be a good option, for now.