Carnage in Palestine and anti-semitism.

According to this story a violent series of air strikes has left the Gaza strip in utter destruction, with 200 people dead and another 200+ injured.It is unclear as to what prompted such a backlash, but apparently Hamas fired longer ranging rockets this time.What is disturbing about this development is the timing. Anti-semitism appears to be on the rise and with US continuing to defend Israel the anti-Jew crowd will have more to scream and shout about. My observations, and they may be purely coincidental is that a growing number of people are holding the Jews responsible for our financial crisis. I am seeing this on YouTube, specific websites and forums. There are circles that are known for hate - like the white nationalists or Nation of Islam Muslims, but now a group of disenfranchised Ron Paul supporters have joined the coalition of the hating. Ironically they are pursuing a more intellectual angle, based on Ron Paul's vehement dislike of the Federal Reserve.

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