Why Hillary Clinton should decline the Secretary of State position.

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Credible sources indicate that Obama will offer Hillary Clinton the SoS nomination after Thanks Giving. However in my personal and certainly humble assessment, is that she should decline based on her own personal desires.

Although I have not read Hillary's It Takes a Village, I do know a bit about her. Even before she became first lady, Hillary's ambition was to acquire power and make meaningful change. This is based on her thesis and speeches. Specifically she focused on children and health care as can be demonstrated by her efforts during Bill's tenure, but even then her sight was on the presidency. Her senate position was also a jockeying position for the highest position in the world. Therefore despite her failed run in 2008, based on her writings and implied ambitions one would reasonably assume that her sights are still focused on that much desired spot.

So why is declining the position prudent? The way I see it, Hillary is an a lose lose situation if she accepts.

First scenario and the one I am favoring; Obama administration will be a failure. His wealth distribution policies, anti-corporation stances, heavy taxation and obsession with "global warming" will prolong our economic plight. Although I have full trust in Obama supporters to blindly follow their fearless leader regardless of the economic landscape, enough moderates free of kool-aid in their blood will be quite remorseful of casting their vote for this man. Therefore in 2012, everything and everyone associated with the administration will be tainted and if Hillary runs then, she will be doing so from under a failed administration .

Second scenario; Obama will be a reasonable success. Despite all his ideas and plans, most of them do not materialize and the economy slowly recovers on it's own (like it should always do) and while we do not experience a full blown recovery, things improve. Because Obama is just as power hungry as Hillary - demonstrated by his hyperbolic run from community organizer to president-elect, he runs again. If he decides to run again, then it becomes virtually impossible for Hillary to challenge a sitting president.

Lastly, it takes several years for a presidential candidate to fully mount a reasonable campaign. This would mean that around 2010, Hillary will need to plan for her 2012 run. This task will be impossible to perform if she our Secretary of State.

That being said, I think she will make a fine Sos and because she has more balls than Obama, I welcome this particular move. However I am equally sure that this move by Obama is to neutralize and eliminate a Hillary Clinton 2012 run.

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