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Slate has some interesting dynamics it just put out. Seems there has been a shift in state-to-state polling and it is moving in McCain's direction. Coincidentally, Mac is campaigning hard in the NorEast and with the release of Obama's coal video there might be some waves up in the Keystone State shifting it to him. Unlikely, but that is coal country after all.

Here is an excerpt from Slate,
Of 20 new statewide polls, 15 show a shift in McCain's direction. The biggest comes from a SurveyUSA poll in Kansas, where McCain leads 58-37; he led 53-41 in the same poll a week earlier. CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corp. and Quinnipiac polls in Florida showed shifts toward McCain of one and three points, respectively, though both polls still show Obama ahead.
This little surge is expected, especially when national polling, a few days back, was showing McCain closing gaps. To me, this is more important than the national polling data due to the what it represents for the electoral votes. This is what this election has been about for the past three months.

Now the question still remains, does McCain/Palin have the ground game to cover the space needed in time. The next 48 hours or so will answer that question. I wonder if Barack Obama feels like the New England Patriots did at the start of the Super Bowl?

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