No More "But McCain..."

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Is there a single Obama supporter out there who can respond to the concerns about their candidate without prefacing it with “But McCain (fill in the blank)”? I am beginning to think not.

Trust me, I am completely and painfully aware the Republicans nominated an imperfect candidate. McCain was not my choice. My reaction after Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney dropped out was not fit for polite company.

Both Obama and McCain voted for the bailout. I know that. And I am hugely disappointed that McCain did not make a stand for conservative principles at that time. Had he done so, I would be more enthused about his candidacy. Considering the market’s lackluster response to the bailout vote, I don’t think I’d be alone. So they both stink on that issue. But let us not forget that a greater proportion of Democrats voted for the bailout bill than Republicans – yet somehow, it is the Republicans who will bear the wrath of the electorate in the voting booth.

Both Obama and McCain have healthcare plans that will cost taxpayers dearly. McCain’s plan at least provides more choice to the healthcare consumer, and isn’t geared toward eventually steering us into government provided healthcare. (I went into some detail about why I think Obama’s plan does exactly that here).

Both Obama and McCain promise tax cuts, but I realize no matter who is elected, taxes may be raised instead – the bailout, the deficits, infrastructure issues, etc. – I’m a realist. I can at least be reasonably comfortable that McCain will direct our tax dollars toward actual governmental endeavors and our debt, instead of sending out checks to people who don’t pay income taxes at all.

And don’t get me started on the “But, Bush…” crowd.

Too late. I am sick and tired of the liberals who claim, “Well, conservatives had their chance, it’s our turn.” No, we didn’t. No true conservative would have pushed No Child Left Behind. No true conservative would have pushed the Medicare prescription benefit plan that is already exceeding cost projections. The very coining of the phrase “compassionate conservative” by Bush is an insult to the many conservatives who demonstrate their compassion on a regular basis with their own time and money, not the taxpayers’ dime.

Conservatives – real conservatives – still haven’t had their turn. That is partly a failure of the Republican Party, and partly the fault of all the Democrats who crossed party lines in the open primary states to vote for McCain. To them, I say, you know you liked him then. He’s still the same guy no matter what the MSM is feeding you. Turn out for him in the general. You owe us, having screwed with our nomination. Yes, I know there were Republicans in open primary states who went over to vote for Hillary, thinking she was the weaker of the Democrats – but they didn’t get their candidate. You did. Vote for him Tuesday.

We conservatives will continue to wait for “our” candidate, but we’ll still vote for McCain – this time - as a bulwark against even further creeping socialism.

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