McCain tells Ohio and Nation he is “coming back”

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Down in polls, McCain tells Ohio crowd he’s ‘coming back’ Dispatch Politics

DEFIANCE, Ohio — In an aptly named city for a candidate trying to make a comeback, John McCain today defiantly tilted against polls by predicting victory Tuesday.

“The pundits have written us off, just as they have done several times before,” McCain told several thousand supporters this morning at a middle school in this northwestern Ohio city.

“We’re a few points down, but we’re coming back I am an American and I choose to fight.”

The GOP presidential nominee kicked off a two-day, 10-city bus tour in safely Republican territory, but will venture eastward today toward Cleveland in an attempt to entice independents and conservative Democrats away from Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

‘We’re Coming Back Strong’ ABC News

“I’m confident we’ll win next Tuesday,” McCain told ABC News’ Charlie Gibson today. “I think we’re going to fool the pundits one more time.”

Most political experts predict the Democratic Party to take firm control of the Senate and the House after Election Day, but McCain said that if elected he would not have trouble governing with a Democratic Congress.

Is McCain Coming Back? (Revisited) The WP

And now, with just six days left before voters go to the polls, McCain lead pollster Bill McInturff is out with a memo in which he argues that the race continues to move in his candidate’s direction.

“The McCain campaign has made impressive strides over the last week of tracking,” writes McInturff in the memo, which was distributed to reporters late Tuesday night. “The campaign is functionally tied across the battleground states … with our numbers IMPROVING sharply over the last four tracks.”

Among the demographic gains that McInturff highlights are with men without college degrees, rural voters and “Walmart women” — defined as women without a college degree who live in a household with an income of under $60,000.

Rick Davis Sees “One of the Greatest Comebacks” The WP

GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s advisers today said their candidate had closed the gap with Barack Obama over the past few days and would be competitive with the Democrat as voters headed to the polls Tuesday.

“We are witnessing, I believe, probably one of the greatest comebacks that you’ve seen since John McCain won the primary,” his campaign manager, Rick Davis, said in a conference call with reporters, adding that when it came to the electoral votes needed for victory, “We believe, with the combination of our base states and the states we’ve been able to put into play this week, we can achieve 270.”

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