The Kremlin is Coming!!! The Kremlin is Coming!!

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It didn’t take Vladimir Putin very long to succumb to the call of his old station. The Russian egomaniac seems bent on attempting to attain his former post of El Presidente through a change to Russia’s infant Constitution. This with the Russo parliament more than happy to extend an open hand for Vladimir to return to the Kremlin. Lawmakers recently promised that they will have the necessary legislative changes made to the Constitution by the end of the year.

His successor, President Dmitry Medvedev, once a Russian law professor and noted Putin toady, seems more than willing to renege on his duties as President for his former mentor. Then Mother Russia could possibly boast 12 more years of ole’ Vlad and his East German style leadership.

Although Putin never attempted this during his tenure as President of Russia he is very willing to let Medvedev be the hatchet man on Russian law and push this issue. The State Duma, Russia’s lower house, as reported, has already started drafting the legislation for the amendments necessary.

According to the AP article, it takes at least a 2/3 majority in the Duma to get the legislation passed. Then it goes to the regional Russian legislators where another 2/3 majority is required. Since pro-Kremlin supporters’ dominate the Duma, passage of the amendments should be no problem.

With growing nationalism in Russia, its overt aggression against its neighbors, and its willingness to use it natural resources as a weapon to keep Europe in check, it is not to difficult to wonder what their intentions are. Since Putin was the architect of this nationalistic and totalitarian monster, it is no surprise that he wants back on its saddle.


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