Is 60 within reach for Democrats?

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Alaska’s longest serving Senator in history, Ted Stevens, was defeated Tuesday ending, until recently, a very long, rich, and illustrious Senatorial career. His loss will most likely signal a political change in Alaska as well as Washington. However, it will also end an episode of long-suffering and embarrassment by the GOP for allowing Stevens to seek re-election in the first place. To many critics, even among the GOP, more pressure should have been applied by his colleagues to resign.

Senator Stevens was convicted by a federal jury for trying conceal $250,000 in personal gifts and home renovations. Along with his storied and legendary career, he will also be the Senator remembered who ran for re-election as a convicted felon. In this country convicted felons aren’t even allowed to vote.

Tuesday’s results showed that 24,000 absentee ballots helped Mark Begich beat Stevens %47.56 to %46.76.

The Senate Democrats move closer to the coveted 60 mark. The victory gave the Dems 58 Senate seats when Independents Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders are included. Both whom caucus with the Democrats.

All eyes will turn towards the remaining two. In Minnesota as results are expected this week in that race’s re-count between Coleman and Franken. In Georgia, voters will decide on December 2 if they intend to send incumbent R-Saxby Chambliss back to Washington or choose Democrat Jim Martin.

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Critical Thinker said...

You might as well as count them as having the sixty necessary for a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Dangle a few earmarks in front of some Republicans and they will sell their own mother up the river.