Denial of Service Attacks

My last article was called A Conspiracy of Silence. It would now seem that we have a conspiracy to enforce silence. So far two major blogs posting about the natural born citizenship required of Presidents have been attacked.

My last article was called A Conspiracy of Silence, but perhaps I misnamed it. It would now seem that we have a conspiracy to enforce silence. So far two major blogs that have been dealing with the natural born citizenship required of Presidents have been subject to attacks, presumably by individuals who are sympathetic to Obama. The site of Leo C. Donofrio at was taken down for several days. This is the gentleman who filed the lawsuit challenging the natural born citizenship of both McCain and Obama and others. This is the one that is scheduled for a full conference the Supreme Court. The next that was attacked was one of the sites of PyroThePolitical at that was taken down for 18 hours. Jay and Terry who run that site are not the types to give up easily so they created a backup site at They have several postings in the Reader's Articles on Real Clear Politics that linked to their original site that was under attack and therefore could not be read.

When you attempt to link to a site under attack, all you get is a network taking too long to respond message. At first I thought it was just because these sites were overloaded with too many people trying to get on, but at 3 AM in the morning? I didn't think so. That usually means that a site is under what hosting companies call a denial of service attack. That means that they are being bombarded with artificially generated requests for communication that ties up the server so that it cannot process normal legitimate traffic. When this happens, the hosting company for the website has no choice but to severely limit access to that domain or subsection thereof to avoid overloading their server so that other clients do not have their service interrupted. My own hosting company thought I was under a DOS Attack on election night due to extremely heavy traffic. I had to contact them and get them to allocate the maximum resources available to my type of account. My account is now set to the maximum allowed so if you get a network timeout trying to get on my site, you will know that my site at is under a genuine DOS Attack.

Jay and Terry had the temerity to post articles on Real Clear Politics about the citizenship issue. One got enough votes that it reached the front page there but now it has been deleted from the list of submissions as if it never existed. Most of us who are registered with Real Clear Politics have seen articles dealing with issues regarding President-Elect Obama in a negative way magically disappear. We have also seen articles that were favorable Obama reach the front page with as little as three votes. Either some employee there has taken it upon himself to censor such articles or the site has been hacked into. The attacks on these two blogs suggests the latter explanation. That makes me wonder who is next? If you start getting network taking too long to respond messages on any more conservative blogs, you will know what happened. The original article called "Blogs Gone Missing" was posted on Real Clear Politics and lasted only for a hour before it was deleted. This revised version did not even last that long. Enough said?

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Alien Patriot said...

What I don't understand is, if what you are saying is true about the citizenship, why is the GOP not talking about it?