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Income Redistribution is fascinating.

But the question is why stop there? Why do only rich people have to sacrifice?

I can understand that the government even under BO cannot come out and say:

Ok we put a limit on beer drinking. You are only allowed to drink 4 beers a day.


We put a limit on calorie intake. The average person is only allowed to eat 2500 calories a day.

That would mean that the average person would save 500 calories, that they can give to somebody else who would need the calories, or they could give the extra beer to their neighbor.

Can you imagine?

We would have a revolution. You can't tell people in America what to do - unless you are unfortunately rich, then the government will tell you to give some money that you have earned away. That's a populist thing - but if you tell the average Joe what to do, then you got trouble on your hands.

(Although if you are honest, BO's plan will bring the above too. If you increase taxes on the rich, they will increase prices and you will probably not be able to afford as much food and drinks)

In Europe rich people are not very popular - There is a common belief that rich people got rich because they ripped somebody off. And I feel we are gradually moving this direction in America too. How sad?

But anyway: Why stop with the rich?

What about all those lazy buggers who don't do anything - and would get money from the government - they are rich too. They are rich in time.

So why does the government not take some of their time and put it to use?

What's the difference? The only reason the rich have to pay more taxes would be that they have more money. Well if somebody has more time than somebody else, shouldn't they also sacrifice part of their time.

What about talent? There are a lot of people who waste their talents.

Shouldn't they be forced to utilize some of their talents for the country?

That means besides tax officers, we should have talent pickers, time overseers and a bunch of bureaucrats to really spread the wealth and not just the money of this country.

Is George Orwell on Barack Obama's political advisory board?

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