The Sarah Palin X-travaganca

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics filed a complaint about the RNC using $150,000 on campaign funds for clothing for Sarah Palin and her family. writes:

"It is ridiculous that RNC would spend $150,000 to outfit a vice presidential nominee and her family at any time, but it is more outrageous given the dire financial straights of so many Americans and the state of our economy," Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, said in a statement. "As if that isn't bad enough, the expenditures violate campaign finance law. The FEC should investigate immediately."

Sorry but I have to laugh. If the RNC and McCain Campaign think that the investment is worth it and brings them points in the poll, then why not. You don't have to support the campaign. It's a free choice. But when you support the campaign, you have to be okay that they choose their own strategies on how to use that money.

I mean, do you really think that Sarah Palin and her family are only in it to get these clothes for personal gain? Do you think she got overly excited, because there is no Fifth Avenue in Alaska? Even if you don't like her, you got to be kiddin'.

We know how important looks can be in a presidential election - remember Bill Clinton, JFK and isn't even BO giving us a fashion statement on a daily basis?

Why are politicians always well groomed, have hair plugs and get a weekly facial? And I'm sure Biden and Obama buy their suits at Sears. According to Cavuto JFK wore $2000 suits.

And if looks are important for male candidates, think about how important they are for female candidates.

I know politics should not be about looks, but unfortunately they are!

The Alien Patriot

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