Colin Powell and the Conservative Identity Crisis

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The list of Conservatives jumping ship is growing more and more everyday and to Jacobin glee signaling the death knell of a once great and proud philosophy. The latest victim to “fall to the call” is former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Once upon a time, he was a great bastion of Moderate Republican intellectualism and wisdom, an elder statesman and military genius not seen since Patton or Bradley.

This surely should be the sign for us, in the trenches, to give up the fight, move on from our yokel tradition loving philosophy, read Rousseau, cast our lot for Obama, and praise Pelosi as the high priestess and beg her forgiveness.

Not only no, but hell no! This only serves to strengthen the resolve of those who see the folly in the decisions of the great statesman, politicians, and pundits. Whether their reason was the Palin pick, the Bush Presidency, or philosophical values, they are taking the easy road.

If you feel ‘disenfranchised” with the Conservative movement, as many do, tired of its irrationality and its corruption, what are you left to do, divorce yourself from it? No, you make a stand for pragmatic reform where no one else would. That is what being a Conservative is, you don’t defect to the side of your adversary.

What is necessary is a philosophical rebellion against an opponent, both on the Left and Right, who is seeking to take that which we hold dear; the pursuit of liberty for the individual, a balance of the state, and an honest responsibility to our fellow man. This is what spawned our movement, this is what gave life to this great nation, this is the example we should live by.

Amid the Left’s rise to a first world governing hyper-power, Conservatives must become opinionated insurgents. We will have to endure the Left’s sanctimonious quest for political revenge, all the while biting our tongues, being careful not to spew rhetoric. We will have to be patient and resolute, educating ourselves on their mistakes, choosing our battles carefully, refining our movement, and above all else understanding who we are. Some of our most noted names are falling prey to this crisis of identity and look where it has brought them.


“Happy Hunting!”

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