Barack Obama tells, the media sells ... but for how long?

Confucius said: "Top of ladder nice place.... But lonely, very lonely."

This is how G.W. Bush must feel. I guess this is how Hillary felt in the primary, but this is even how Bill must have felt during his Monica Lewinsky days, and H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and so on.

At least when they looked at the media.

Is it different now? Will Barack Obama change the world? Will he change the media?

I don't think so. The media doesn't know friends. It's a cruel business. The best stories are the one with a clear defined enemy or a great star. Stories that expose something that makes people want to buy their paper. They are in the tank with BO now, because he is the world's greatest star. He is a great seller.

But what if he becomes President? With the Democrats crowding the House and Senate, there is no one to put the blame on?

In the beginning Obama might be able to say: "Hey it's still all Bush's fault."

But the story will get old and Barack Obama might not be as celebrated in the media as he is now.

And once he starts putting pressure on the media - will they try to fight back?

I think they have to - they are in the business of making stories, and fighting makes up a good story.

If the economy keeps going down as expected under a BO presidency, then the media will not come to rescue Obama, it's after all a business and who wants to go down with a sinking ship.

The media has no problem switching sides. Look at McCain's treatment of the NYT in the primary. There is a totally different tone in the MSM now.

So I hope that Barack Obama doesn't expect his MSM joyride to last for much longer, because if he gets inaugurated and the charm of a first Afro-American president vanishes, he will be on top of the ladder and it will be very lonely.

The Alien Patriot

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