Am Pow!

One of Great Satan's new media monsters in the New Millennium is also home to choice cats of Great Satan's intelligentsia. Super smart brainiacs like Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Claire Berlinsky routinely hang with others like unto themselves at the essential, especial Pajamas Media.

Named after the big bad blogosphere that took out CBS Eye Guy Dan Rather biased last time presidential electile dysfunction afflicted Great Satan, Pajamas Media is fully crunk with sweet treats, hot tips and provocative prescriptions.

Stirred, never shaken into that volatile mix of brain cell phat writers, researchers and policy gurus is the pro victory, Yay! Great Satan PHD Dr. Donald Douglas.

Scoring an exceptional coup, the hot doc was thankfully seduced to submission for commission of a detective style in depth look at a certain Slim Shady and financial chicanery starring in the lead role of Donkey Party's "That One"

This is significant.

Hailing from the "...the land of the bomb ass hemp beat - a place where you never find a dance floor empty..." SoCali Poli Sci guy Dr D has enjoyed a nigh unprecedented run of influence, recognition and prestige in the very short year that the good doc's site "American Power" has blitzed it's way into the blogosphere at an exponential rate.

Happy BDay AmPow! And heartful congratulations on breaking in to the top tier of Great Satan's new media.

No surprise, Am Pow's trajectory has been remarkable thanks to the saavy insight, exceptionally researched articles and a super cool personable approach that makes it all the more real - applicable even.

An excellent example to others in the field and a real guide and mentor in an era where a keystroke never disappears, Dr Douglas' bona fides are well intact.

To be sure, Dr Douglas's article is most likely the first of many.


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