After the PUMA factor comes the NUMA factor

But what is NUMA?

Well, it’s Nation Unity My Ass.

Barack Obama has said numerous times throughout his campaign, how he will not just unify the party

but unify the country and in his speech in Berlin probably also how to unify the world.

But what about all the disenfranchised Hillary voters, the so-called PUMA's, who in a surprising move started to support the McCain/Palin ticket?
What about the introduction of class warfare with Barack Obama's economic/tax plan, that got unintended attention with the famous Joe the plumber (redistribute the wealth) comment?
What about the fact that it was made public, that BO together with Pelosi and Reid plans a ban on offshore drilling, even though 75% of Americans voted for offshore drilling.

There is many other examples that show that Obama's talent to unify is only in the charismatic and rhetorical realm.

But I do believe that BO will unify the country. But similar to George Bush, it will not be for him, but against him. I think if BO stays true to his liberal voting record, he will disenfranchise those who are situated on the right of him (politically speaking). And that's a lot of people. Not just conservatives, but moderate democrats too.

I think that Obama's approval rating will be right where George Bush's is. Around 20% -30%. And that's the agent of change. I think America has to rethink this strategy.

Conservatives and PUMA's and other disenfranchised democrats will unify and create a big burden on an Obama administration.

And the harder they going to try to control them (Fairness doctrine, dropping of secret union ballots, taxing the rich etc), the more the resistance will grow, the more people will become disenfranchised.

That's why I call it the NUMA factor.

The Alien Patriot

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